Combat Heavy Duty Belt Ranger- Cobra Nautic buckle 9 kN

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Combat Heavy Duty Belt  Ranger Green - Cobra Nautic buckle 9 kN

Belte har totalt lengde på 128 cm og er egnet for person med livvidde opptil 115 cm (ved behov større vidde - ta kontakt).

Belte som er 45 mm bredt 

Håndlaget i Polen.

 Cobra Nautic buckle, that is made specially for S.E.A.L. unit and is resistant against salt water, mud, dust etc.

he belt is designed as an insert for belt covers with the PALS system for MOLLE, it can be used to support uniform pants and attach equipment such as a knife sheath, organizer, tool or holster. Perfect for jeans, combat trousers and trousers for outdoor trips.

Nautic buckle made entirely of A4 stainless steel, in specifications for SEALs and uniformed services, for work in particularly difficult conditions such as salt water, mud, sand. Indestructible! It is also the flattest Cobra® buckle.

The belt has a new tape, produced especially for Bayonet, which is noticeably stiffer vertically (it does not roll under the load), and still ensures comfort and fit horizontally. The tape ensures better maintenance of the belt circumference when pulling the belt, but it is slightly more difficult to adjust the belt circumference. With Cobra® buckles, the belt circumference is adjusted once, when putting the belt on trousers, and then the belt is unfastened using the loops on the buckle.

The belt is approximately 130 cm long and is universal, fully adjustable from 70 to 120 cm. For sizes below 80 cm, please enter your circumference in the comments so that we can shorten the belt sent. The theoretical strength of the belt fastened in a loop is 18kN (simplifying approximately 1800kg).

We attach a polymer, slightly elastic belt loop to the belt.

VERY IMPORTANT! The webbing of the adjustable end of the belt should be laced onto the buckle correctly, as shown in the photos, in accordance with the recommendations of the Cobra® buckle manufacturer. The end of the belt should be outside. The Nautic Cobra® brace should be positioned as shown in the photo, with the folds under the beam facing outwards.

Webbing stiffness

The belts have different stiffness, to help you choose a belt for your specific needs, we have introduced the following division:

- stiff - usually the belt is sewn from a double-folded medium-stiff tape, it is difficult to bend it laterally when pressed with the fingers, ideal for carrying even heavy equipment of uniformed services without the discomfort caused by the tape unrolling.

- medium-stiff PLUS - made of tape with increased transverse stiffness, ideal as an insert for pads (comfortpad) from PALS to MOLLE, for attaching holsters and pouches of standard equipment, providing sufficient comfort during everyday wearing in trousers, great as a duty belt,

- medium-stiff - ideal for attaching holsters and pouches, especially for concealed carry and for carrying lighter equipment, fantastic for everyday wear in trousers, a very good compromise between comfort and stiffness,

- soft - comfortable, drapable, suitable for attaching very light accessories such as gloves, a light knife, ideal for light trousers, shorts and for more delicate applications, even with a suit,

- very soft - the softness of the seat belts, very comfortable, not suitable for loading with accessories, we no longer produce such belts.


Despite the use of specialized sewing, the best threads on the market with certified durability, a certified buckle and a certified tape, it is prohibited to use the belt for safety and rescue purposes. No tests have been performed on the belt to allow for the issuance of a "CE" safety certificate. This is primarily due to the requirements of the PL-EN 358:2002 standard Individual protective equipment to establish working position and prevent falls from height, that the belts be at least 8 cm wide along the entire length or 10 cm in the lumbar section, which automatically excludes the use of such a belt with trousers and carrying holsters and pouches.

Usage notes

The belt can be washed by hand or in a washing machine, in a delicate liquid, at a temperature of 40 degrees. C, no spinning, no softeners. Dry flat in a lying position, in a ventilated room, at room temperature. Do not dry in the sun or in an automatic dryer. The metal buckle may damage the drum and other elements inside the washing machine, it should be secured with soft items of clothing.

We improve our products

Due to small-series production, individual elements of the set may have slight differences from those shown in the photos, differences may include, for example, the label or the method of sewing. We listen to our customers' comments and improve small elements, without affecting the overall functionality of the product.

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