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Dynarex Emergency Trauma Bandage 4"


Dynarex Emergency Trauma Bandage 4"

"Enkeltmannspakke" med trykkmuligheter. Enkel i bruk. Steril. Latex fri


Pressure bandages, or compression bandages are dressings used to apply pressure to a wound to stop bleeding.  

Emergency High Strength Pressure Bandages at Dynarex serve as a fast response to severe bleeding and trauma situations, preventing the formation of hematomas and seromas and protecting the wound from further contamination.  Their quick and easy application and sterility make pressure bandages an essential tool to have when treating individuals in emergency situations.  They are also not made with natural rubber latex, so for those who are allergic to latex, you need not worry!  

These pressure bandages combine a thick, non-adherent dressing, elastic bandage, pressure applicator, and closure clip in just one simple unit.  To increase pressure, the non-stick gauze side of the bandage must be placed on the wound, wrapped around the wound, and pulled tight.

Commonly referred to as the Israeli bandage by American soldiers, these emergency pressure bandages are “the bandages of choice for the US Army and special forces.”  Ultimately, they are meant to save lives in situations which would prove to be fatal if the device was not readily available.

You may need to release some pressure from your mind at times.  But with wounds, pressure is the very thing that you need, and time is of the essence!  Pressure bandages are integral to have handy, especially to be accessible in trauma situations and with emergency conditions.  At Dynarex, we care like family.  These life preservers are necessary to have in your toolkit, to possibly be used in the process of saving a life.


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