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Alcyon modell 5001 Engangshåndjern


Alcyon modell 5001 Engangshåndjern

Specially designed to be used by the Security Professionals, Police Officers soldiers… This cord form two loops which makes that with a simple movement you are able to immobilize an individual who has to be transferred to the police. Main features Can be use only once. Avoid infections. Easy and discreet transportation Very safe, as it is impossible to break with the tooth. Need a cutting tool to remove. With this “one use handcuff” the Agent do not have to get their Duty handcuffs back. The Agent can carry several of them at a time without any trouble or excessive weight. Without uniform it can be carried unnoticed in any pocket or bag. USE INSTRUCTIONS Photo 1: Introduce the hands of the person to be immobilized in both loops until the wrists. Photo 2: Holding the ratchet, pull the end with strength until the cord the ties on his wrists. Do not apply to much pressure on the wrists. Once done, the individual is subject and controled, because the internal tooth of the ratchet does not allow the loop to go back. Photo 3: For safety, make a simple knot with the cord so that if they managed to break a tooth of the slide, the knot can not pass through it. DESCRIPTION AND TECHNICAL DATA The handcuffs consists of a nylon ribbon attached at the ends and threaded in a ratchet which has four holes. The ribbon is composed of 8 braiding threads with the following dimensions: Length ..... 80cm. Wide..... 7mm. Thickness .... 2mm.The ratchet is made of plastic material and it has 4 holes where you slide the ribbon, the two central holes are eight millimeters long and 2.5 mm. wide and the other two are 8mm. long and 7 mm. wide.The pawl facilitates smooth sliding of the handcuffs, with minimal effort and with speed. It has a slanting teeth which allows the passage of the ribbon only in the tightening direction. It is resistant to mold, lubricants, gasoline and other normalized chemical agents. Is resistant to heat. It resists the heat caused by a lit cigarette for 20 seconds subjected to a tension of 50 Kg. The ribbon resists a minimum "Traction Stress" of 100 kg and 50 kg of “Traction Stress” of the pawl and ribbon together. The handcuffs maintain their characteristics of service when the temperatures are between-20C and 80 ° C.



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